Wellness Hotel AquaTherm Zalakaros - "place for relax"

The 22-room hotel is situated in the centre of Zalakaros, only 300 metres away from the main entrance to the thermal baths and spa. Harmony, originality, cosiness and friendliness combine to produce an atmosphere calculated to refresh and energise.
The octagonal shape of the hotel reinforces the sense of vitality. For Christians and Zen Buddhists, the octagon is a symbol of renewal; astrologists claim that it is a focus for mind and matter. Our hotel is dedicated to the well-being of your mind, body and soul, and we believe that your experience with us will restore the harmony of your spirit, and leave you feeling energised and peaceful.
Pamper your body and soul with either aroma or stress-relieving massages, or with saunas, steam baths, or Chienergy-treatments. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation of our combined massage and effervescent pools.